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OK, we've been at this all week, first asking about the EPL and now about the NFL - it's time for the last discussion of the week!

Who is the NFL's most underrated player? Here are a few of my picks!

Chris Harris, Jr.

Harris has been one of the best CBs in the league for some time, but is only now starting to get the credit he deserves. He may not be quite up to Josh Norman's level, but Harris makes a legitimate case for being the second best CB in the league. He is the anchor of a Broncos defense that is atop the league in almost every category, and the partnership he forms with Aqib Talib is tough to beat.

Allen Robinson

It's easy to let Robinson slip under the radar, as he plays for a horrible team in a small market. But the Jaguars' WR is no joke - Robinson is very much the real deal. He's young, big and strong and has all the makings of a future star. He's a thrill to watch play and there's no doubt that we've seen him on my NFL Plays of the Week card before!

Delanie Walker

Walker may not be the best TE in the league (Gronk obviously gets that title), but he's been way above average for years and hardly ever gets talked about. He's a legit playmaker with better speed than most TEs and has been a real asset for rookie QB Marcus Mariota this year. I really like watching Walker play because he is all over the field. A real veteran, it's time we start giving Delanie some attention.

Damon Harrison

Sheldon Richardson, Mohammad Wilkerson and rookie Leonard Williams get all the spotlight for the Jets, but the unsung hero of their amazing defense is big boy Damon Harrison. He's an absolute beast in stopping the run and clogging up the middle and can get to the QB in the pass rush, too. Plus, he's got one of the best nicknames in the league: Snacks. It's easy to see where he got that one from!

Ben Roethlisberger

I have always said that Big Ben doesn't get enough credit for what he does. He may not be a well liked guy off the field, but the fact is that he has been a warrior for years and years, and that's tough to do in this league. He almost never misses time despite constantly taking big hits, and has made the Steelers contenders year after year. The Steelers team changes all the time, but Big Ben has been the one constant for years.

My vote goes to Roethlisberger for the NFL's most underrated player! He's a true beast and takes hits like a fullback might - tough as nails, and I've got nothing but respect for that.

Who gets your pick? Is there someone big missing from this list? Let me know!

Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns might just be the best and most underrated wr tandem in the league right now.
Ben Roethlisberger isn't under rated even though I hate the guy he gets the credit he deserves
Big ben plays for my favorite teams heated rivals so I know he is a great QB and believe me he is not underated by far
No Id give it to Chris Harris