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According to the Miami Herald, Kevin Portillo made his own homemade gym and his own homemade weights. Talk about inspiring. The space he's using for his home gym was actually a madhouse or casa loca that housed criminals in Honduras.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find more information about this hardcore guy. All I know is that anyone who can go beyond their limits to make a their dream come true, is cool in my book. I've seen other instances where people would make their own weights and that's talent! When there's a will, there's a way!
Yeah, and nature can be a perfect gym :) @ButterflyBlu I'd rather lift rocks and hike up hills (personally) to stay fit
BEAUTIFUL picture, isn't it?! A lot of guys in the South make their own weights, too.
I think concrete lol! @nicolejb
They look like legit weights though. Do you think he made it out of the wall?! Lol
This photo is amazing. I love the colors. So cool (and definitely hardcore) that this guy made his own weights and works out in a converted jail hahaha
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