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This is what Monday Night Football is all about - late in the season, playoffs on the line, and it's for sure the game of the week for Week 16.

In the game between the Broncos and the Bengals, I'm picking Cincinnati to grab the win.

This is a really tough one to pick. Both teams are using their backup QBs, as Andy Dalton for the Bengals is out for a few weeks and Peyton Manning has been out for most of the season for Denver.
The key difference is that Broncos backup Brock Osweiler is injured as well and is a doubt for this game. That means Denver could be down to their third string QB, the unhead-of rookie Trevor Siemian.
The Bengals aren't working with the finest players either, as backup QB AJ McCarron is nothing special. But I believe he can get the job done throwing to AJ Green and their great tight end Tyler Eifert.
The game is being played in Denver, which should make things difficult for Cincinnati. But Denver blew a huge lead last week and got embarrassed by Pittsburgh on the road, and a lot of that had to do with their defense suddenly showing holes.
But most of it was their offense - Osweiler just does not have the same firepower as a healthy Peyton Manning does. Even with their great supporting cast, Denver isn't the team we thought they were, and they showed it last week.
So, with all this said, I think this Bengals team is tough enough to eek out a win on the road and solidify their playoff spot. They're going to overcome Denver in a close game.

Bengals 23, Broncos 21.

Who's going to take this one?

This is such a difficult game to pick but if Osweiler does play I'm picking the Broncos
Broncos on this one
really good game so far, all tied up 6minutes left in the game.
Bengals, picking the dog. should be a good game.
Eh, I think the Broncs will take this one.
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