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On Monday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced they would grant African lions protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
This announcement was a four-year decision with a lot of research, but came with a push because of the death of Cecil the Lion.
Some estimate that there are only 1,400 African lions alive today.

Who's happy that these lions will be granted protection?

Wow. I never realized how few lions there were. 20 thousand lions in the wild is not many. Thats not including those in captivity. I wasnt one to be completely outraged when they killed that lion, and I still feel that it was way out of proportion, but I feel that attention should be brought to those creatures on the endangered list. The majority of them are killed by poachers who dont follow the local laws, not registered hunter. We need to bring attention to all these beautiful creatures so that generations can enjoy them for years to come.
Me too @jazziejazz!! I'm sad like @ButterflyBlu that they need it, but happy they are granted it... can you believe it was a 4 year decision though?!
I'm glad that they will be granted protection.
@nicolejb yes thats soo long..
I am..
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