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There's almost no debating that the Panthers are the best team in the NFL, and have been for the entire season.

They are currently 14-0, making them only the second team in NFL history to win their first 14 games. The other, of course, was the Patriots from a few years ago, when they were undefeated right up until the final game when the Giants stole the title from under their noses.

But some people aren't convinced about the Panthers.

Some say they are cocky, with QB Cam Newton celebrating each touchdown big time. Cam plays with a huge heart, huge confidence and a huge smile, and it rubs some people the wrong way.
Others claim that the Panthers aren't as good as their record suggests, as they have played a fairly easy schedule for most of the season, especially in the past few games. Their path to an undefeated season concludes with games against the Falcons this week and the Buccaneers in Week 17, two games that you would certainly expect them to win.
So, I guess I'm just curious to know what our Vingle community thinks of the Panthers' season. Here is specifically what I'd love to hear all of you weigh in on!

Do you think they'll finish the year undefeated?

Do you think they'll win the Super Bowl?

Do you like the Panthers, or are they too cocky and loud for your taste?

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No I don't think they'll win the superbowl. They might finish the season undefeated
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Regular season? They'll probs go undefeated....but I don't see them winning the Super Bowl.
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Ha they finally lost
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