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This would be a true shock.

Jose Mourinho - "The Special One" - is surrounded by rumors that he's working on a deal to come in and take over for Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal in a few weeks.

Mourinho was fired by United's rivals, Chelsea, only last week and it would be an amazing turn of events if he were to be hired so quickly, especially if his new employer were to be another top tier English club.

The crazy parts of this rumor are that it's totally believable.

van Gaal seems to be on his way out, as United's form has been terrible this season and fans are clamoring for a change. van Gaal is likely to be fired if the team lose either of their next matches, if you ask me.
And Mourinho certainly still wants to coach, as he was upset to be fired by Chelsea. He's in a coaching mindset having been with Chelsea until very recently and has expressed no interest in taking 'time off,' as many managers do following their exit. He's not old, has plenty of energy, knows the English league well, and is a big enough name for United fans to get excited about.
United need someone to come and inspire them to a push up the table. They have the players to be a top 4 team, but they aren't playing like one right now, and that has to come down to the manager. van Gaal has to go.
But is Mourinho the right man to take over? I may surprise myself when I say that yes, I believe he is. He has no problem with changing allegiances (he has coached multiple teams over the years, changing freely between them) and I don't think he would have any problem with moving across the country to one of the league's other massive clubs.

United are big enough to corral the wanted man and he could be excited for the challenge and for the opportunity to coach against the team that fired him. I think it could happen. What do you think?

Right move for United, or no way?

Right move for sure! I want him to kick Chelsea's ass. I'm so disappointed in the players that didn't give their best when he was manager. That's so unprofessional and they should know they lost the best manager in the world.