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Playlist challenge.

I had so much fun doing this challenge. @PrettieeEmm @KellyOConnor.
1. I work for SM Entertainment. The Song was "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior.
2. Daehyun Is my boyfriend because he was the first one to sing. the song was "Badman" by B.A.P
3.Um... This is where we met... I don't even know where this is."Baby, I'm sorry" by B1A4
4. Kyungsoo is trying to come between me and Daehyun, the song was "Don't go" by Exo
5. This is My BFF Jongup "Power" by B.A.P
6. This is the song Daehyun dedicated to me. "Butterfly" by Bts
7. "Feels Good" by Super junior is the song I dedicated back to him.
8. Since 2011, "Sing for you" by Exo since their debut was in 2011 that would make me Married for almost 5 years.
9. The first song we danced to at our wedding was"Chained Up" by Vixx. Lol
10. I had six Kids since there are six members of Vixx. The song was "Eternity by Vixx.
11. I named my Child after Yongguk. The song was "Warrior" by B.A.P
lol turned out pretty good!
yeah it seems a lil scary but I mean Daehyun makes up for it
Not really where I dreamed of meeting a guy. Lol
I think you met in some underground warehouse party thing.. kinda shady but life risking sounds fun!! :)
Yes he does.
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