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And it is fan(fucking)tastic.
In this 5 minute video, Macaulay Culkin guest stars as the grown up version of Kevin McAllister and in all might ruin Christmas for you just a little bit.
Clearly, Kevin never really got over the abandonment of his family or his totally dick head bother. I mean really who owns a pet spider?!
Check out the video here!
Honestly, this new Kevin kind of fits Macaulay perfectly; aka they are both totally fucked up from something that happened in their childhood and now it is impossible for them to be normal. In Kevin's case its being forgotten about by his family and harassed by two creeps. In Macaulay's case it's the curse of the child star.
Either way, this video was hysterical and I can not stop watching it.
Best sequel (or 8th sequel) ever.
ahahahaha this is so bizarre. I understand how this would give me a bit of stress though. I can't imagine being left alone like the movies depict.
OMG my bro told me about this but I forgot to watch it until I saw it here. Soooo hilarious. It's a shame Macauley doesn't get work like he deserves. He's really a very good actor! Let's see. The first time I was left alone. Ironically it was right before Christmas when I was almost 10, I think. I was babysitting a younger cousin while the adults all went Christmas shopping, and he fell asleep really early, so I was pretty much on my own. So I decided to watch X Files. While this is/was usually not a problem, that time was not a great time. Lol. By the time the adults got back, I was scared half to death. The good news is that today, almost Nothing scares me. Except spiders.
@QueenWitch that was one of the cutest parts of the movie. Seeing mom try so hard for her kid. So cute! I have a story about how my family once left me at a restaurant with my best friend. It was an accident, but we somehow walked all the way home crying. @ButterflyBlu but that's a story for another time... haha
@lizarnone. He mom went crazy trying to get back home and jumped thru hoops to get back to him :))). #parentsmatter. Haha
@ButterflyBlu I am so with you there on the whole spider thing ughhhhh but yeah not I like being home alone but I don't like being home along over night still!! I think I just have to Wild of an imagination
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