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So decided to try this challenge out since it seemed like fun, thnx for the tag @KellyOConnor, and thnx for making the challenge @PrettieeEmm

1)My company is.... SM entertainment

Song:A Million Pieces - Kyuhyun

2) My BF.... Leo (Jung Taek-woon)

Song: Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR

3)Location of where you met..... San Francisco

Song: Waiting for Superman - Daughtry

4) Trying to get in between us.... GD

Song: Lies - Bigbang

5) Your BFF.... Kyuhyun

Song: The day we felt the distance - Kyuhyun

6) The song your BF dedicated to you....

Song: No.1 The end of the day - Jonghyun (omg so sweet)

7) The song I dedicated back....

Song: BTS Cypher Pt.3 - BTS, Supreme Boi (bc apparently I am not a romantic person)

8) Number of years you have been together.... 7 years (WOW)

Song: Symptoms - Shinee

9) 1st song danced at your wedding.... Song: Beautiful Lady ["Oh My Venus" OST] - Jonghyun

10) Number of children.... 5

Song: If You - Bigbang

11) Name of your first child.... Ravi (Kim Won-shik)

Song: Chained Up - Vixx (this just seemed really ironic)

Lol this was an interesting challenge especially bc of my weird playlist but I enjoyed it, it turned out pretty awesomely for me so....
Yes if they ever met it would be total confusion Lol @KellyOConnor ikr I was like my music is weird but the story somehow seems legit @PrettieeEmm
Our first child will have the same name lol!
I love where you two met makes more sense then most of ours Lol