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I was tagged by @PrettieeEmm & @SamanthaRae19 for this so thank you guys & here it goes.


~My name is Elise & I am 30 yrs. old ~As you can see by my pic I am the proud 어머니 to two amazing little jellybeans ~I've listened to K-Pop & Korean music in general since I was 7 (being an ARMY brat has its perks) ~I'm obsessed with music, art, piercings, tattooing, reading, a writing ~I'm shy by nature so my circle of friends is small, I go out but I'm the quietest one until I feel comfortable. ~This is the only site that I have ever been this open/talkative/active on.

Dream Crush/Ultimate Bias/Will Probably Be The Death Of Me:

I couldn't decide between Shinhwa's Jun Jin & G.O.D.'s Danny Ahn. These two have always been at the top of my bias little & probably always will be.

Current Status:

I am definitely the Beaker/DNA Strand category

Most Romantic Memory:

The most romantic memory I have is being proposed to on Christmas morning. My boyfriend worked with my family & planned the whole thing. We spent the night of Christmas Eve with my family so that we could be with them Christmas morning. After everyone else had opened their gifts my boyfriend handed me a beautifully wrapped box with a hand written gift tag. I unwrapped the box to find a tiny stuffed reindeer on top of a mountain of tissue paper. As I was looking through the tissue paper to make sure I hadn't missed anything I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see my boyfriend down on one knee, my mother & sister crying, & my father & brothers smiling like the chesire cat. Sadly the relationship didn't last but I still look back on in fondly.

Perfect Match:

A perfect match for me would be someone I can have an intelligent, stimulating, thought provoking conversation with one minute & the next we could be goofing off & talking nonsense. He has to be open-minded & accepting of at the very least trying to step outside of his comfort zone sometimes. I like to spend a lot of time outdoors so someone who is like minded would be a plus. I want us to have things in common but not to the point of being identical, I know some people want to share everything with their partner/lover/ significant other but I've never been that way, I enjoy my free space & things that are just for me.
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but complicated is intriguing :)
Great card.....sounds extremely complicated
@InPlainSight Thank you
@EliseB They really look great, you have a killer smile
@InPlainSight Thank you, they mean a lot to me.
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