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Hey guys, as the title says, these are my top 5 OTPs and I will be sharing them with you because @Helixx challenged me to lol.

1. EXO Kaisoo

Okay, so I believe that Kai and Kyungsoo are the realest, like ever. You can't deny these dorks love each other, there's sooooooo much proof.


BIGBANG was my first KPOP group and TOP and Daesung were my first ship, ever. And I shipped them soo hard, and still do because they are really close to being super real if TOP wasn't such a flamboyant character lol.

3. G-Ri

No one can deny this ship, G-Dragon and Seungri basically belong together. It's the classic leader and maknae ship! I really love how most of their action is Jiyong loving up and Ri's all like, not now hyung, there are people! The other half is Seungri singing to Ji and telling him that he's amazing, etc.

4. Neo

So Leo and N from VIXX, I think they're really real. Like no joke, I love these two together. Although this pairing is more N all over Leo, there are times Leo returns the favor and I think it's cute. I think, when they first started VIXX and N started first hanging all over Leo, he tried to push him away. Then after the useless attempts, he gave up. And after that, I believe they grew closer and I love it. Neo<3

5. Taoris

I don't care, I still love them, I believe they live happily ever after in China together now that SM isn't breathing down their throats.
Kris is my EXO bias and Tao is his baby that he spoils <3
all i know to tag lol
Kaisoo is lifeeeeeeee XD Kai was feeding Kyungsoo like eat, eat! and Kyungsoo was just nomming away like the animal-like cutie he is XD XD And Neo is soo cute! N is so doting, and Leo is just like whatever, which his face tells all the time XD I could go on XD XD XD XD I love, love, love your OTPs!!!
Thanks for tagging me the G-Ri and Todae were really cute.
Thanks for the tag @NEOisRealoπŸ˜ƒ I love your profile pic btw & I'm glad you ship gri and topdae too I love big bangπŸ˜πŸ’ž