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Back in my day you'd get something super cool from your video game after you reached 100 percent. But these days 100 percent just isn't enough anymore. You've got to buy a bunch of DLC (which I heard was pretty good so I'm not really going to talk about how I think it's shitty because I don't, it's DLC for Batman how could that be shitty, I mean it's not like it's only an hour long or anything).
It just seems extremely ambitious to try and get 240% of anything. Wouldn't it just make more sense to make the values for things lower so you can have it cap at 100%? I don't know. I'm no mathematician and I'm hardly a smartsmen so I don't know why they'd do it this way other than the normal way.
I was always told that giving 110% was some kind of bullshit saying because there's no possible way one could give more than the most of what can ever happen ever. But again, I'm an idiot. And if getting 240% in Arkham City is what gets you that neat gold batman logo on your suit, then I guess it's worthwhile.
You can see the suit in action below.
@Rockron97, they definitely are. it's just takes a little bit of time, with all these other games i really love playing (MGSV, Fallout 4 to name a few) it's hard for me to make time for Batman since I'm not really that much into the character in the first place. It's still 100% fun though, don't get me wrong
The graphics and gameplay look amazing, though.
Idk seems like a lot of work. I'm to lazy to collect those riddler trophies once let alone twice
@kpoplovee haha so did i, there's just so much stuff to do in it and i'm not the type of guy to stay monogamous in my relationships with video games.
this seems super ostentatious for Bruce.
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