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@AlloBaber, @KellyOConnor thnx for the tag

1) Selfie

I am like meh when it comes to pics of me Lol

2) Dream Crush

So I am crushing hard on Ravi, like I have never really had celebrity crushes but like Ravi came and was like fudge you think this was... so yea

3) Current status

So single its sad Lol, truthfully I have never actually had a long term relationship, I had one boyfriend in middle school for two months before I moved to NY and lost contact, yes I am almost 20 with no relationship experience... we do exist Lol

4) Most Romantic Memory or Story N/A for obvious reasons

5) What do you look for in a partner? Truthfully idk, I mean I can say that I like tall ppl, deep voices, and long hair but they don't necessarily need all these traits, one of these is fine with me, I guess he has to have a sense of humour and understand that I have a very warped sense of humour, also he would have to be willing to wait for me to get affectionate bc I am not really overly emotional, that's about it really...

So that is pretty much the extent of my romantic life Lol so depressing right

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aww pretty lady the right guy is out there (in Seoul making music ^^) so just wait! I feel the same way about selfies, I'm so awkward.
2 years ago·Reply
Lol maybe you can never know the future, yea I never feel like the pic comes out right @KellyOConnor
2 years ago·Reply
@netchtiBates The selfies are all of these cards!!!
2 years ago·Reply
thank you @InPlainSight
2 years ago·Reply
Awww don't be sad!! being single is awesome. you get time to focus on your passions :)
2 years ago·Reply