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We've all heard Adele's soul ripping songs on pretty much every radio station. While most can relate to the idea of lost love, a couple made a parody we can all relate too.
And it is all about food and how it is far superior to working out.
Check it out right here!!!
1. They have AMAZING VOICES!
2. The greatest lyric of all time is "the ice cream truck is the only reason I run"..... #retweet.
Please don't even try to tell me this video isn't every single persons theme song. Also right after I watched it I got some fries so it also might be brainwashing all of us.
Funny story. I love this cover, it is my anthem and I started making edited pics to the lyrics, last night.
Hello It's me I've been avoiding you forever while Consuming calories. I love Donuts Mac & cheese. they say kale has antioxidants but I'm Anti-Leafy Greens. Hello, can you save me I'm in calisthenics dreaming Bout Netflix & micky D's
That is the best parody of hello I've seen so far
@AimeeH make sure you tag me in them!!!!
@LizArnone XD I have to finish them! But When I do I'll post them!
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