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It's a close call.

Honestly, when you compare Jackie-O and Michelle Obama -- you just can't. Both ladies have exquisite taste in fashion and made that known throughout their years spent as first ladies. While Michelle Obama's title is soon to come to an end, might I express my love for this woman's sense of style and resilience to still wear whatever the hell she pleases despite the naysayers. 2015 was definitely Michelle's year fashion wise and it will be a sad day seeing such a fly woman leave from out of the spotlight.
In all honesty, I don't see anyone doing better anytime soon, but you never know. Michelle could definitely teach these ladies a thing or two. Just because you're a first lady, you don't have to dress like you're an extra in 'Back To The Future'. I won't point any fingers or say any names, but I mean c'mon -- we all know what's obvious, right? Keep scrolling to see some of the first ladies best looks of the year and realize that you can still be stylish while being fully covered.

Talk about well dressed.

What was your favorite look in 2015?
Such a different style from Jackie O. I like it though, so much more colorful than most first ladies. I think it's a breath of fresh air.
flowers there girly to me
@jordanhamilton my favorite types of dresses are long, flowy, and a bit more plain than hers
@jordanhamilton I like the way she dresses and I do dress similarly I just don't particularly like those dresses
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