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BRIDES! I don't typically share with you sales and things like that because I don't want our weddings community to ever turn into an advertising space. However, in rare circumstances, like now, when I see a KILLER DEAL that could mean the difference between 'good' and 'great' for your wedding, then I share sales and deals with you.
Samantha Wills, in partnership with Wedded Wonderland is offering up to 70% OFF the brand's stunning bridal accessories and jewels. And for all the skeptics out there, the Samantha Wills brand HAS NEVER BEEN DISCOUNTED EVER! LIKE EVERRRRRRR!!!!!
The flash sale starts at 8AM (EST) on December 23rd and runs for 24 hours. So, for all of us West Coasters, the sale ends at 5AM on December 24th.
Be sure to click here to see my other card on Samantha Wills accessories!
FULL DISCLOSURE: I created this card because I see incredible value to the brides here on Vingle. This is not an advertisement for Wedded Wonderland, or Samantha Wills. They did not approach me to write this, nor have I approached them. I wrote this of my own free will and did not receive compensation by either Wedded Wonderland or Samantha Wills.
definitely share with us what you bought because I'd love to hear about all the cool stuff you snagged @RaquelArredondo
I should! I'll get it for my mother so it can suit all the fancy clothes she has @marshalledgar ^^ besides, Christmas is around the corner! It'll be her gift :D thank you for the tag and for giving me an idea on what to buy her :)
Yes it is, Thabks for commenting @RaquelArredondo you've got to get at least one Bardot Ring of hers!!!! stunning
This is the best news a bride can receive! ^^