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Princess Mode On...hahaha This Jin is so fabulous. .

That Face that RapMon

Yeah.. Unhu.. This is My Princess..

OKAY Princess let's do this Right. .

YEAH! ! UnHu!! Got it.. hartau. .lol

first pic they are holding hands.. can't see it here but yeah..

What?!.. You have a problem with that.???

Yeah.. I take care of my princess..

BTS eomma & appa.. with two of those missbehave children. . I think this one specially.. is too attached to the parents.. His name is Little JIMIIIIIIN! !and the second one is Suga??.. aaww this kids..

This last pictures are too precious my BTS Favorite couples..

anyway .. the kids here little V and Kookie.. are like eomma why you crying?? appa.. is like comforting eomma..haha

@luna1171 OMG My namjin feels!!! <3
He graped that ass 😆
@luna1171 oh no my baby lol but it was fine a cute mistake lol
Aahhhh I love NamJin!!!!
@blackirishawk it.. took off .. seriously did not notice haha..
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