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I usually watch sporting events/games on television, but nothing compares to watching great moments happen right before your eyes. The sound, the smell, the excitement is a moment that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.
And sometimes, watching a game on television may be preferred because of the weather, time, etc. That also has its can grab a cold drink at the place you feel most warm and comfortable, and relax to watch your favorite team play.
Here is a question for all of my sports fans.

*** What is the best sporting event/game that you've ever been to? Or is there a sporting event/game that you wish you were there to witness live? ***

Can't wait to see some of the greatest moments in sports history come up for this discussion!

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so I would say I loved my cavs opening preseason of 2012. It was fantastic and great and I need to get to another basketball game ASAP that is not my son's basketball games.
For me, the best sporting event I've been to was the Bears vs. the Cardinals back in 2006 on Monday Night football. Most people remember the Dennis Green tirade in the post game press conference, and I remember listening to it on the radio during the car ride home. That was the first and only Monday night game I have gotten to attend in person. The game itself was memorable because the Bears staged an insane second half comeback, storming back from a 20 point deficit without an offensive td. The Bears had two defensive tds and a huge punt return td by Devin Hester. This was all in spite of a whopping 6 turnovers by Rex Grossman (4 picks, 2 fumbles). After taking a 1 point lead, cardinals kicker Neil Rackers missed a 40 yarder to hand the Bears the win. That game had everything, including my two favorite football teams. The Bears would go on to win the NFC Championship that year but would ultimately fall to the Colts in the super bowl. Even if it wasn't a playoff game, I'm not sure anything will ever top that for me.
There are loads of games I wish I could've seen in person, but the top one for me would have to be game six of the 2010 Stanley cup finals between the Blackhawks and Flyers. Great game and it marked the Blackhawks first championship since 1961.
I was at the game were Jerome Simpson did that flip over the Cardinals player and i was sitting a couple rows up from where it happened