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I wanted you to say “don’t go
Just stay with me I don’t care what you say
I know you wouldn’t mean it”
Stupid me you'd never say that
You would never ask me to stay
I guess the fact I'll be ok is good enough
Who cares about now
Please tell me “don’t go I need you”
Deep down I know you want me
Sometimes I just need to hear it
No one ever reassures me of anything
As much as I hate to admit it
Once in a while I need reassurance
Like now when nothing is right
When I'm not acting like me
Have we changed?
Once upon a time I remember when you made me talk
What's changed?
Maybe I did maybe I'm expecting too much
I shouldn’t. And I'm sorry
If there's a next time please tell me not to go
Even if you want me to
Pretend like you want me around
Despite me not being me
“Don’t go” that’s all I wanna hear
Too bad I'm deaf or you’re a mute
I can't hear you but maybe that's how bad I want it
Hoping for something that won't come
I need your voice but I won't ask anymore
Maybe it’s the same for you
You won't ask me to stay anymore
Even if you need me to
I don’t know anything
All I know is that I wanna hear two words
That I probably never will
“don’t go”
Why did you let me go?
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ugh, I know the feeling of wanting to be needed oh so well. awesome writing as usual @quietone! hope you are doing well :)