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I write

I write the words I cannot say
Its not that I don’t want to utter them
I can't I can't deal with the hope of someone listening
Listening to all the pain and torment I have
Then the realization that no one listened at all
It's like I live in a world where no one can hear me
Only I can hear my words
These words i write down so I don’t suffer alone
I write the frustration that no one cares
All the anger and rage I have they spill on the page
Like I was murdering the paper with my feelings
On the outside no one knows
They're all so clueless about how I feel
Just because I can't find the words
If I could few would listen
That's why I don’t try anymore
I find the words with no one to listen
Or with the only person who listens
I just can't find the words I can't bring myself to
So I write all of them down
At least that way they can have the knowledge if they want it
It won't change anything when I write
When I. Stab the paper with my pain
It just makes it easier
In this world of deaf people I write them notes
That way if they read it they can understand me better
Too bad most throw the paper away
thanks everyone im glad you can get what im saying with this and that you all appreciate it
yea thats true sometimes its takes time to find em Im lucky I found mine and shes my biggest fan thanks a ton
Awesome writing! P.s Know that there will always be at least 1 person that will read,listen, and understand your words almost as if they wrote it themselves. Again, good job. Keep on writing! :)
Hell yea!
These words are full of pain, but they are also filled with beauty. Thank you for sending your words to us, and know that we are listening.
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