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It feels like the game is over
There's nothing more I can do
Everything is done and that's it
No miracle
No cheat codes
Just me headed straight for the cliff
No power up can save me now
I won't go out fighting like I always thought
I'll never save my princess
I just didn't jump at the right time
Even though i tried my best and worked hard
It wasn't enough
It never was
From the start I was doomed and I couldn't stop it
I could do anything and it wouldn’t have saved me
Hard work doesn’t pay off anymore
All the good guys die now
There's no hope for a hero
I wanted to be that hero
Save the world and get the princess
Too bad it was suicide from the start
Despite it all my only regret is not seeing my princess
I wanted to save her from the tower
But the darkness has consumed me
Now who will save her?
My guilt doesn’t end
I wanted to be her prince and be good enough
I just never was
Too bad I realized it too late in the game
My last life I spent jumping to her tower
Only thing is instead of clearing it and slaying the monster
I hit the edge and fell
never to be seen again
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Nicely written, mate!