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Since everyone was posting theirs I was like why shouldn't I? Anyways I'm so happy I wasted money for this. My parents are so done. But I don't mind going Broke... Maybe. Ah I feel so accomplished for some reason.. --
So as you can see I got YOONGIIII!-Well my twin sister did since she picked Pink where else I picked the Blue one -but still it's mine. And yes Suga is my main bias in BTS. He is just perfect. ~SWEG~
Now the Blue one 3 WE got Kookie that little shit (≧∇≦)who really wants to ruin my bias list. I mean just look at that Selca 😪😭✋ literally my sis is falling for him. She's in Hoseok lane people.
Now these are like mini Calendars but they are freakin cool. I am keeping these forever, I do not want to throw them away. 우아.. 너무 잘생켰어요!
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A while*
2 years ago·Reply
@alekxb5 I ordered them a couple of days after the release. Dang it I guess I still have some more waiting to do 😞😞
2 years ago·Reply
@krin aww don't worry! Before you know it, it'll be there! :)
2 years ago·Reply
I'm jelly *cries*
2 years ago·Reply
i got jungkook as well
2 years ago·Reply