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Well, guys, the Lovebugs have had quite a week with our Lovebug challenge pretty much going viral all over Vingle :) I've seen SO many people doing it!
I mean, I knew there was a bunch of us and that we have a TON of friends (since we're so awesome and attractive and yeah ;D) but I didn't expect to get so much participation!! So well done, us!!! :D
Today I'm here to answer the Weekly Love & Relationship Community Question. Every Tuesday, I answer a question from an L&R community member, asked anonymously through our question form. If you've got a question, head on over here and ask it! Don't be shy! :)
So without further ado, on to the question!

Q: I met a guy who lives in Wisconsin and he's amazing. We've skyped and been internet friends for a while. How do I make us a thing without having a relationship (so I can meet him one day but not start a relationship with someone across the country.)

A: First of all, congratulations on meeting someone amazing! Sometimes I feel like there are too few good people in this world, so when you meet one of the good ones, you gotta cherish them. :) I'm glad you found someone with whom you feel a connection.
From what I understand of your situation, you met someone super cool that you could see yourself dating – someday. Not right now, due to the distance, but when it's more convenient (at some indeterminate time in the future).
I would give you the advice that the ever-so-wise @JonPatrickHyde once gave me – ask yourself what it is exactly you want.
Is it (specifically) a relationship with this guy?
Is it a fulfilling, happy relationship with the right person at the right time?
Do you not want him to date other people in the meantime? Or would you be okay with that?
I think that, at this point, if you don't know when exactly you'll be in the same place as each other, you have two options:
1) You try dating long distance and see how it goes.
2) You remain good friends, for as long as you can, and keep in good touch, and let the relationship progress naturally.
Who knows what the future will bring? There is, of course, always the option of telling him how you feel, but I have a feeling that would just complicate things. Because if he does feel the same way, and you confess that to each other... I think you would just end up dating long distance anyway.
Now, if that's a risk you're willing to take (or rather, an outcome that you'd be happy with), then I would consider talking to him about your feelings. Communication is so important in any kind of relationship, and maybe you're the kind of person who feels better being honest and open about these things.
Like I said, it's all about what you want. :)
Anonymous question asker, if you'd like to give us an update on the situation or add any more thoughts in response to my answer, go ahead and post it using the form above. Just make sure to identify yourself by being like, "This is the Wisconsin guy person!" Lol :)
Anyway, I'm sorry I don't have a more definitive answer on this one...

What do YOU guys think this person should do, Lovebugs??

Show some love and give your fellow lovebug some advice in the comments :)
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I think, long distance just won't work as awesome it would be to date a person with whom you can actually meet and have conversations. But if you think he is the "One" you can definitely find out what he feels about you. Have clear conversation and speak your mind. I am sure he will respond in kind. Best Wishes!!
For me, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be, distance is irrelevant. This from one of my cards: "When it's time for souls to meet, there's nothing on earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be located. When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and no other love can break them apart."
I'll try making a short card to answer this question
@humairaa has given her wisdom in the form of a whole new card!! Love it girl!! :D You can read what she wrote here:
Just give it time and see how it goes. Try not to be clingy or pushy... (sorry for the typo)