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Hug me brotha?

Drake Bell, former star of hit show Drake and Josh, has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Glendale, California Tuesday morning. Bell was pulled over at approximately 2 a.m. when police saw the 29-year-old star's vehicle swerving and speeding on the road. He was a dead giveaway for roughly stopping at a red light. When pulled over, Bell failed his sobriety test and the officer made note of the smell of alcohol coming from his car.
There has been no documentation of his incident on social media and Bell has yet to release a comment. However, fans were able to pull up Bell's mugshot shown above which means that he was taken under control of the police. Bell has been one to make fun of other celebrities like Justin Bieber for their DUI's so it'll be interesting how he'll react now that he's in that position.
Celebrities are known to abuse alcohol and drugs while being under the media spotlight. Though many say that celebrities usually get off the hook easier than your average person, celebrities face mass media pressure to apologize and make up for what they've done publicly. Bell usually isn't someone who release kind statements on social media so the odds of him actually releasing an apology is slim.
no comment
glad he was pulled over better then getting in an accident.
and to think that a month ago he was touring with high school nation. He put up one heck of a concert at my school and now behind bars... wow
@nicolejb me to people can be so dumb they dont think about how it would effect the people around them when they do something this stupid.
Yeah I was kinda thinking the same thing @KatieRussell, so many drunk drivers get caught because of an accident. I hope he learns his lesson!