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Here is a clip from ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Sports fans, please give it a watch and tell me what you guys think. This is not just a problem in the United States. It's a global problem.

Can we use sports as a tool to achieve peace and change the way people view Islam?

What are your views and thoughts on this matter? Comment below!
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I'm so tired of this b.s. man really am I can go on and on this country still faces racism on a grand scale its sickening I'm glad I wasn't born a few decades ago ice met numerous Muslims in my life never have I once got bombed beat up or anything by a Muslim I have been jumped and called spic dirty wetback greaseball but numerous ppl including cops prinicipal of a high school autority figures and peers not saying the race but I'm pretty sure you can figure it out never buy a Muslim tho it's really sad that there is terrorist in our own country im sorry but this really strikes a nerve with me I was in the military and encountered rasiscm and also the let's just nuke em like really jus cause a there's a few crazy like there is in any country nuke the whole area this world is so screwed and divided only thing I can do is tell me son's and ppl I love to think for themselves and be compassionate and fair and be respectable ppl have more but i actually get so worked up over this kinda thing
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and I think sports can help but it's the ppl in our everyday lives that need to change too and that's hard
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dont care. if they want to play y not.
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Well we tried this with every other race and culture why not try it with Muslims
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@DannyMoses you bring up such great points. I'm sorry you experienced that. It's so incredibly widespread and it's so frustrating because it's a problem that won't just go away overnight. When I was in school there was only one Muslim player and because of the way the season worked out they had to play during a fast and it was so difficult for him. It felt like he was working twice as hard for half the respect everyone else got
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