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I decided to make a card for D.O from EXO because he's just been on my mind lately. 😁
However, rather than his adorableness, I've been thinking about another side of him. 😳
Satansoo 😈
I find it hilarious and kind of adorable tbh ✌🏻️
I have been having a hard time choosing a bias in EXO and he is part of the reason why πŸ˜…
I just can't handle all the feels sometimes ❣
Bonus: Kaisoo because I love them together! πŸ’•
He reminds me so much of Simon (Iwan Rheon's character) from Misfits!
This is perfect. πŸ’—
@AnnieGoodman OMG IKR Xiumin is just too adorable and he became really sexy too ughh
LOL When I just got into exo which was around growl period , I saw D.O , and turned straight to my friend , grabbed her by the collar a forced her to tell me who that is , ( good times)
D.O was my first bias in EXO, but then I saw LayXing and Chen and Suho so be kinda got third on my list...but his voice is second to Chen for me D.O is an amazing actor tho OMG him as a serial killer was scary and fascinating I can't wait for him to play a lead
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