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I decided to make a card for D.O from EXO because he's just been on my mind lately. 😁
However, rather than his adorableness, I've been thinking about another side of him. 😳
Satansoo 😈
I find it hilarious and kind of adorable tbh ✌🏻️
I have been having a hard time choosing a bias in EXO and he is part of the reason why πŸ˜…
I just can't handle all the feels sometimes ❣
Bonus: Kaisoo because I love them together! πŸ’•
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I am conflicted between Baekhyun, D.O, and Xiumin currently. They are just all so cute and amazing! @lunacordero @sarangseoltang
@AnnieGoodman OMG IKR Xiumin is just too adorable and he became really sexy too ughh
Right?! So you see my dilemma! 😭 @sarangseoltang
This is perfect. πŸ’—
He reminds me so much of Simon (Iwan Rheon's character) from Misfits!