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Guys! Who watched the new episode of oh my Venus!?!??! I'm soo angry and upset and ughhhh !! Why do Koreans think it's funny to just ruin people's days!!!! Seriously Im soo done with this show...... Im lying I'm not done with it but I'm just extremely upset ! If anything happens to young ho , I'm officially done
I know!!!! I was soo mad!! And upset!!! I have a feeling it's gonna be like when he was young and he won't be able to walk anymore and I seriously hope not!! Ughhhh the Christmas party was going too good and then that happened so many questions unanswered and I just need to see the next episode especially since snake didn't get to see his mom
Girl omg right???? I nearly died when I watched this episode. Everything was literally going so smoothly, and then this whole car crash scenario happens and now I can't even. I really hope that nothing happens to dear Young Ho, because if something does, then I'm pretty sure both us and Joo Eun will feel the pain. Also, I am very worried about Young Ho's knee. I remember that they paned the camera to his knee for a few seconds and now I am freaking out over here. I really hope that nothing happened to his knee. Oh why must they do this to us and leave us on a cliffhanger.
ah... I thought it was like one of theirs horrible reality Shows or games shows where they humiliate idols.
it'd a drama correct?
so then what's the problem?
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