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Having your ear to the streets and being an early adapter is often profitable in the mass media world.
While I'm not the biggest fan of "The Soup," they were known for keeping people aware of what was going pulsating in the "soft news" world.
Friday night was the finale of the heralded show. Before they said goodbye after 11 years on the air, the cast shared some of their top segments, which were pretty sharp. One of the highlights of the show featured the Kim Kardashian. I must admit, they were the first media outlet to call her rise to fame hard.
Over the years The Soup had fun with everyone’s favorite “famous for nothing” family, but they have always been ahead of the curve on her.
On Feb 9th, 2007 Joel Mchale was the first to call her rise to the top. This was around the time her sex tape with Ray J was about to hit the market. The Soup will be missed by many across the globe for sure.