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hallo. so I've been wanting to learn korean (by myself unfortunately) for a long time and I kinda suck at trying to learn languages on my own, anyways, I was wondering if yall have any recommended apps and/or methods that can help learn korean! thanks! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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talk to me in korean has helped me a bunch in trying to self teach! and 90 day korean (or something like that) has an AMAZING thing to teach the alphabet so you don't have to rely on romanized words. It's best to be able to read hangul as soon as possible :)
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i watch kdramas and as they speak i listen to their voice while i read
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I can totally vouch for mango languages! it is so fun. x) Talk to me in Korean is real good too, and Korean from Zero is also a helpful too. So pretty much, don't just limit yourself to one source. It would also help to practice Hangul. @kandle779 @AdreannaLyn
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flash card are your best friends practice a couple a few times a day thats what im doing. good luck 😀
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try the mango app!!
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