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so I got tag by @ChaErica which I did have fun making and doing this challenge, you know what let get in to this XD im sorry I couldn't help it lol jackson
what company are you in, with the same group in that company song: BTS dope im in big hit
the first singer is your BFF/boy/girlfriend which in my case its BFF, I just hope you understand song:reset ost for school 2015
the location of where you met your bff/boy/girlfriend scary black/light room song: 2ne1 im the best
the last singer in the song is trying to come between you & your friend/boy/girlfriend song: reset ost of school 2015 this is so weird and I like it
the third/second singer/rapper is your best friend song:fly to the sky missing you hwanhee YEAH!!! MY BIAS chill emily chill
the song that your BFF/BOY/GIRLFRIEND dedicated to you song: seventeen adore u awww he so sweet XD
the song that you dedicated back to him/her song: ikon anthem, bobby & BI im dying of laughter, um yo k. I geuss im a weird friend
the number of the month you guys have been together jinsil & I have been friends for 2 yrs song: bts butterfly
the first song you danced to at your birthday/wedding song: bts butterfly my favorite
the number of kids you had I got 7 kids csuse of.... *drumroll*... BTS RUN I'll go with it
the first rapper's name will be your first born child's name I got.....*drumroll*... PARK CHANYEOL SONG: EXO LIGHTSABER omo wow this is DAEBAK well the card has come to the end *sobs* I hope you guy will understand my weird challenge but I kind of like it. I was kind of was surprised that not alot exo,got7 and red velvet show up but im fine with that
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@ChaErica thanks! its either I date her or make her be my bff, so Im going with bff
Haha that pic of jackson from confession song mv is actually my ph background LOL
@sarsoosoo99 really, nice
@EmilyGardner yes ik haha my friends and i laugh every time we c it, its a great stress reliever 馃槣
@sarsoosoo99 haha perfect. totally make your day better