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Thank you @Helixx for tagging me in this!

1. Selfie

I don't normally like taking selfies as I never like how I look in them. These are some of my favorite ones though. The first one was with my friend, Tiff, before the Big Bang concert in October. The second is a silly one I took in my Sailor Moon cosplay. Cosplay is a hobby that I really enjoy so I thought I'd include it and the last one is the only other selfie I have!

2. My Dream Crush

T.O.P. There are no words to describe this glorious gift to mankind. I wish I could properly convey the things about him that I adore. He fascinates me. From his looks, to his voice, his sense of humor, his love of art. I could go on. I've never really been the type to have an 'ideal guy' but he makes me reconsider that notion.

3. Current Status

I am currently single. I've never really had an actual boyfriend nor have I ever been on a date with anyone. I've always been the girl who was the friend but never the girlfriend. The one that the crush only talked to in order to find out about my other friends. But that's okay! I'm content with being single because I know eventually that one guy will show up and take notice of me.

4. Most Romantic Memory

I've never had the opportunity for any romantic gestures to be made, unfortunately. A girl can dream though!

5. What Do I Look For In A Partner?

I'd like someone who can make me laugh and who I can laugh with. Someone who shares similar interests but has their own passions. Someone I can grow with and learn from. Someone who will be understanding of my anxieties. Who won't push when there are days where I don't want to talk and be there to comfort me when I get overwhelmed. Someone who knows what they want in life and who will encourage me with whatever path I chose to take.
This is where I'm suppose to tag people but I'm still relatively new to this place and don't know a lot of people so I will tag my friend @Skullbunneh! :)
yay!! I got tagged!! :D
You look so familiar to me but I don't know why. Welcome to Vingle!