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Water Bottle

We sat in the room EXO usually does their choreography, but we didn't have any chairs so we were all sprawled out across the floor. I was sitting next to Luhan and Xuimin, Kaela was sitting next to Kai and Sehun, and Emily was sitting next to D.O. and Chanyeol. Luhan had his head on my shoulder, sleeping with a hat covering his face. Xiumin was rocking side to side, lightly tapping his cheeks. I wonder why Jae asked us to meet in here? As if the heavens were reading my mind, the door flew open and Jae walked in and turned around and closed the door. I tapped on Luhans shoulderbtrying to wake him up, he mumbled a few words then nuzzled against my shoulder. I rolled my eyes, I'll just tell him later. "So I bet you're all wondering why you're in here. Well guess what? You're doing a collab with another artist under SME. Who? Well here she is." Jae motioned his arm towards the door and  it opened. I first saw high heels, I looked at Emily and she looked at me. A girl stood in a pose while checking her nails. She was wearing silver high heels, a sparkly silver pencil skirt, a flowy white top with a silver crop jacket and she was wearing a silver headband. She has long black-brownish hair that was curled a bit at the end. Out of no where I heard a subtle, "Rainie," from where Kaela was sitting. I'm pretty sure she didn't say it since she only keeps up with male K-pop groups. I didn't even know who this was. Jae smiled at the girl and said, "This is Rainie, for some of you who don't know her she is an international pop star. You will be doing a music video with her titled, Call Me Baby. She has full reigns over how this music video will be produced and she is the director so you guys will need to listen. I'll let her finish summing up all this," Jae then bowed and walked out of the room. So this is a love song? Plus she's directing it?? Geez.. Rainie put her hands on her hips and popped her bubble gum, "We will begin with who's role is who's then we'll start choreography, today." She motioned for everyone to stand up. I moved my shoulder that Luhan was sleeping on to wake him up but he was out cold, what the hell did you do last night??? I sighed and watched as everyone stoof besides Luhan and I. "Get into a line," Rainie said while point in at the wall. The members lined up while Emily and Kaela stood infront of the mirror. Rainie then looked at me, "Excuse me, I told everyone to stand," she then started walking towards me. "I apologize but I tried waking up Luhan but he's out cold," I could feel everyone staring at me, I then felt my cheeks turn red. She looked at Luhan and then at me, then she headed towards a stool that had a water bottle sitting on it. Umm, what are you going to do with that... She unscrewed the top and walked towards us. I swear if you throw that at u--- she then dumped the water on top of our heads, Luhan sat straight  up and looked at me and then at Rainie. I scowled and stood up, Emily immediately walked over and took my arm and whispered in my ear, "I know how much you want to hit her but let's keep this PG." I looked at Luhan with an apologetic expression who was standing next to me and he nodded. I sighed and walked with Emily to where Kaela was standing. Where's a towel when you need one? All of a sudden Sehun walked up to me and took his hoodie while accidentally raising his shirt in the process. He then handed it to me, "Here you go, now go to the bathroom and put this on so you don't get a cold." He smiled and I took his hoodie, "T-Thank you." He nodded and returned to where he was standing before. "I'll go with you," Emily offered and I nodded, I then looked at Kaela who didn't look at me and I said in a soft voice, "Watch her and if she does anything tell me." Kaela nodded just slightly and I walked out of the room with Emily towards the bathroom. Emily then spoke up, "I don't like her."

Game Face

   I walked back into the room with Emily and Rainie was already teaching them the dance. She then turned around and looked at Kaela, Emily, and I, she clapped her hands and said, "Good you two are back, I want to see what you guys can do." I looked at Emily and Emily said, "What do you mean?" Rainie sighed and motioned her arm towards the dance floor, "I want each one you to sing and dance." I sighed, why do we have to do this? We aren't even a part of EXO, we're just... here. "Step up one at a time and say your name, Blondie first," Rainie said walked towards the mirror wall. Emily looked at me, "I assume she's talking about me, wish me good luck." I gave her a smile, "You won't need it." She smiled back and walked to the middle of the room, "Are we going to have instrumentals?" Rainie nodded and took out her phone and walked towards the boom box stationed in the corner of the room, "What song do you choose?" Emily tapped her chin and then said, "Well, my name's Mina and I choose Disturbia by Rihanna." Rainie bent down and stuck the aux chord into her phone and music started blaring. Emily took a deep sigh then closed her eyes. I cupped my mouth, "You got this chica!" Emily looked back at me and I gave her a thumbs up. [ Play First Vid if you want~ ] Everyone clapped as she finished dancing, she bowed and walked back towards where Kaela and I were. Rainie nodded and then said, "The one with the brown hair is next." I looked at Kaela and she looked at me, we both have brown hair, but Rainie then pointed at Kaela. Kaela sighed and then walked to the middle of the room. She rocked on the heels of her feet and said, "My names Hana (Hawn-uh) and I'll be singing and dancing to Only by Nicki Minja, Lil Tunechi, Drake, and Chris Brown." Rainie then bent down again to search for the song, after a couple seconds music blared around the room once more. I wonder what song I should dance to, Beyonce? Nicki? GG? 2NE1? Ooh how about Hyuna or a song from trouble makers... confesses. [ 2nd Video~~] The song ended and everyone started clapping, oh gosh, it's my turn. I walked towards the center of the room passing Kaela, I gave her a half smile and she didn't even look at me, what is her problem? I took a deep breath and looked at Rainie, I could feel all eyes on me. I'm pretty shy, definitely when your bias is in the same room, watching your every move.  I racked my brain for a song to choose, there's so many choices. I then walked over to the group of boys sitting on the floor, "May I borrow a hat from one of your guys?" Then out of no where a hat comes flying towards my face, luckily my reflexes weren't too slow. Xuimin smiled, "You can use mine." I returned the smile and said, "Thanks Minnie." I turned around and heard faint irritated whispers, I smiled to myself and shook my head and walked back to the center of the room. I tooka another deep breathe and placed the hat on my head, "Well my name is Ahri and I actually have a question." Rainie tilted her head, "What?" I looked at Luhan, "Well Luhan and I made this song and I was wondering if he can dance and sing with me?" I bit my lip hoping she would say yes and I looked back at her with puppy eyes, "Fine." I smiled and Luhan hopped up, "Are you sure? We don't have the choreo down pat yet," He then walked next to me, "I believe in us." I took my phone out of my pocket and handed it to Rainie, use mine since we have the instrumental on it." She took my phone and plugged the aux chord in. Music once again enveloped the room, I looked at Rainie and put my game face on. [ 3rd Video ♡ ]. Luhan stood panting with his arm rapped lightly around my neck with a big smile on his face, "I've been staying up fo the past couple of nights to work on it." So that's why you were so tired. I looked at Luhan, smiled, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Well all the practice worked out, we should take it up with Kim Young-min and make our own MV." His cheeks turned light pink, "Sounds like a great idea." I heard someone clear their throat where the boys were sitting and I looked at Sehun and he frowned, in reply I gave Luhan a quick hug and walked toward Xuimin and placed his hat back on his head, "Thanks Minnie." He nodded and gave me a smile, I then walked back to where Kaela and Emily were. "Alright, all of you please stand up and get back into a line," Rainie said as she handed my phone back and then walked to the middle of the room.
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