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One of the workers for the music video rushed us into a room and then threw clothes at us, "Put these on and see if they fit, hurry hurry," she then clapped her hands and walked out. Standing there  speechless and covered in clothes I sighed and shook them off. I picked up each clothing item and examined them, "Um... these are showy, like I wear shorts but not like this!" I showed Emily and she looked at hers, "Ha. Sucks to be you! I have shorts also but they're not as short as yours," she laughed and I stuck my tounge  out at her, "What do your clothes look like Kaela?" I turned to face her but she wasn't there, "She must be changing, I guess we should do the same." Emily nodded and we both walked into changing rooms. I layed my clothes out on the bench and looked at them. I shook my head slowly, who chose these outfits? A stripper? shut up Delilah, you're going to be in a freaking music video! The outfit could be a lot worse. I then threw on the clothes. I stepped out of the changing room and situated my beanie and my shoes. I surveyed the room, clothes were strewn everywhere, I turned around and looked in the mirror that was hanging on the door. There's always a first time for everything. A girl came in and saw me and grabbed my arm, "Now on to hair and makeup, quickly!" She pulled me into another room and sat me down in a chair then left. "Hello honey, my names Aaron, are you ready to look glamorous?" I looked in the mirror and saw a guy standing behind me, he was american and sounded like he was from California, he had brown hair with blond tips into a cow lick hairstyle, "Umm... I guess..." He laughed and lifted my hair, "Hmm.. do you mind if I dye some of your hair?" I've always wanted ombre hair,"I don't mind," I said smiling. He clapped his hands excitedly and hurried around the room, "This is going to be fun!"         He swiveled my chair around to make me face the mirror, "Man, I always surprise myself about how talented I am," He said smiling and I laughed. I think I met my new best friend, being in here for an hour we talked about a lot and have gotten to know eachother. "Ok, I'll be watching you guys produce the music video and in between shots I'll run up to you and fix your hair or makeup, ok? So don't be afraid if you see me running at you with a box and a crazy expression, now go on," he said with a big grin on his face. I stood up and patted my outfit down. He touched my hair and moved some strands, "Wow, you look so different and fierce, I like it." I bowed and said bye and walked out, I saw Emily and Kaela standing next to eachother and walked towards them. Emily turned around and stuck her hand out, "Hi, the names Mina are you here for the music video too?" I gave her a weird look, "Umm... Emily..." She looked at me with a surprised expression, "How do you know my name??" I facepalmed and shook my head, "It's me Delilah!" She looked me up and down, "Geez, I hardly recognized you, I like it," she gave me a smile and turned back to Kaela. Rainie came out of no where, "Ok, you guys are all ready, first things first you will not be together, you each will have our own scene or moment or whatever."  We nodded in acknowledgement and she grabbed Emily's hand, "You're up first, I'll explain to you what you need to do on the way to the set." Emily looked at her with a confused expression, "On the way?" She rolled her eyes,"We have to drive there, duh. How else would we get there?" I heard Emily sighe and watched as she walked a long side with Rainie.


(The second pic is Mina's outfit, my cousin made the set to show what she would want to wear.) A lady can up to me, Kaela, and Delilah, then asked, "Which one of you three is Mina?" I smiled and said, "Me." She nodded and looked down at a clipboard that she was holding, "Follow me." She turned around and started walking, I followed behind humming to myself. I wonder what I'm going to be doing... We went through large double doors that led outside where a car was waiting, "Get in," the lady said as ag opened the car door. I cautiously got in and sat down and looked around, dang, this car is spotless. The lady shut the door and signaled for the driver to fo ahead and go. I felt the car start up and start driving towards our destination. I can't handle all of this silence, I cleared my throat, "Umm, Excuse me? Could you please turn on the radio?" I couldn't see the driver because the back was cut off from the front two seats. I sighed noticing the driver probably couldn't hear me. I leaned back and looked at my phone, (5) Missed Messages From B... I smiled and unlocked my phone, after texting for a bit, I became extremely bored, what's taking so long? I looked out the window to see the scenery but I couldn't see anything but then I realized that the windows were tinted. I sighed and placed my beats on top of my head and put on pandora. I leaned my head back and slowly fell asleep. I woke up to a person standing beside me, I looked around and realized I was still in the car, I wiped my face to make sure I didn't drool and stepped out of the car and placed my beats around my neck. The driver was standing there hold in open the car door, I bowed, "How long have we been here?" Showing no emotion he replied, "We just arrived." I nodded and fixed my outfit, he shut the door and went back to the drivers seat, he got in and closed the door. Well wasn't he friendly. I watched as he drove off and then remembered I was playing Pandora, my battery is probably at 5%! I followed the end of my headphone chord and noticed they weren't attached to anything, umm.. I patted my pockets and found nothing, I must've left it in the car. I kicked at the ground and turned around, I was standing infront of a garden and a plaque was on the ground, it read Welcome to the Infamous Wonderland Maze, We're all crazy here. "A maze?" I said to myself as I walked towards the opening, I could hear faint talking but loud foot steps as if someone was walking towards where I wad standing. I was right, D.O. walked out and saw me, "Oh, there you are, follow me," He grabbed my hand and we trudged through the grass. We arrived in an opening where tables and cameras were everywhere. I looked around and saw the rest of EXO except for Sehun and Luhan. Rainie was looking at her outfit in a standing mirror. I surveyed the people, D.O. looked at me and said, "You will be recording with Kai and I. The manager can explain the details with you." He let go of my hand and walked towards the rest of the boys and a man panting ran up to me, "Why are you late? You know what? Never mind. Glad you're here, follow me." I then followed him to a group of people dancing, or at least it looked like they were trying to. The man turned to face me and said, "You need to learn the dance, stay here." He then ran off in another direction and I stood there clueless, this place is way too busy. "You must be Mina," A female in sweat pants and a crop shirt said. I nodded and she smiled, "The moves shouldn't be difficult, you have the slow part of the song, you're so lucky." I shrugged and she laughed, "Just follow my steps." After getting the steps down we took a break and the sweaty guy from earlier came up to me, "It's time for a practice run." Practice run? He then turned around and I assumed he wanted me to follow him. We arrived back st the opening of the maze where Kai and D.O. were standing, What am I suppose to do? "Alright, Kai and D.O. will be chasing you through the maze, so just run/jog and keep looking back with a smile.on your face but try not to trip or run into the hedges. Then when you get to the middle you will break out into dance while Rainie sings. So, all I got to do is run and do that dance? That doesn't sound too hard, I'm in track for Christ's sake. I stood infront of the maze and glanced at some cameras and then saw a person with a camera on a lift. So they're doing over head shots too? I placed my feet in a running position and waited for the signal. "LIGHTS, CAMERA.." I looked back at Kai and he gave me a reassuring smile. I then turned back toawrds the opening of the maze and took a deep breathe, "ACTION!"
6 chapters in one night, you're spoiling us!~
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