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It's been a rough couple of days for Steve Harvey.
For those under a rock, Steve Harvey was selected to host this years Miss Universe pageant. Everything was going well, until it was time for Steve to announce the winner of the ceremony. During the biggest moment of the event, Steve announced the wrong winner for the contest on live television. To make matters worst, while crowing the wrong girl, Harvey hopped back on the stage on admitted to his mistake. They un-crowned Columbia and named Phillipines the true winner.
Social media had a field day with Harvey. While many mocked Steve, one of the first to extend a hand of support was Justin Bieber...I think.
Bieber took to Twitter to tell Harvey anyone could have made the mistake, but the reassurance came with Bieber’s “Sorry” video. Biebe also r re-grammed a viral image that shows Harvey’s head on the Bieber bod: “It’s so sad, but this is too funny. Had to post. No disrespect.”

Is Justin Bieber Comforting Or Trolling Steve Harvey After His Miss Universe Catastrophe?

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dam no honor
just watch that video.. speechless.
But seriously.....Philippians? Duddde wow..... -Filipino passing by
Bieber is trolling he would never do anything like this
It was a mistake anyone could have made. Harvey has already apologized for the error. Miss Columbia is also supposedly suing Harvey. It was a mistake. There are worse things going on that need our attention.