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Here is a compilation of WTF moments at the gym!


All the trainers at the gym be like...

*** Well it's a new year and that means that one of your new year resolutions are to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle! Just make sure you are not one of those guys up there! ***
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Whatever that girl in pink is doing on the machine, I think I want to try that very same exercise haha
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This all just looks really unsafe... I'm like having a heart attack watching some of these hahaha
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I guess they did it for the vine?
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the first pic I didn't notice she had shoes 馃槅馃槅馃槅
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Rotflmao The dude running like a bat out of hell, and the guy using his stomach to push up the weight is by far the funniest sh*t ever. xD And they really should secure the equipment to the floor... o.O Bwuahahah.
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