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You Can Now Use Kim Kardashian-Themed Emoji
Kim Kardashian continues to find ways to integrate her brand into everyday society.
Today, Kim K released her new emoji app. The new app is sweeping the internet and is the #1 app in the app store today.
The Kimoji app provides a new bunch of catch phrases into the emoji world.
Kimoji includes, but is not limited to, several shots of Kim's butt, a glazed donut, a pair of Yeezy's, a speech bubble that says "basic," another that says "lit," and a third that says "vibes."
The one down fall of the app is that it isn't free. That doesn't seem to matter, as plenty of people are buying the app anyway.
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That's just too funny and WOW woman you're something else. we are all equal and you're no better than us hunny bunny.
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