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Tyga thinks he is one of the best artists of this generation.
In a sit down interview with Yahoo, Tyga spoke on his beginnings in rap and why his music is unlike any that’s currently bing made.
“Even though so many people are doing music, I still feel like what I do is not comparable,” he said. “It can’t be duplicated. When you start looking at all the other people, that’s you losing your faith in what you’re supposed to do.”
Tyga later comments on past successes, saying that his ambition is carrying him forward.
“Everything that I’ve done to this point doesn’t even matter. When I hear ‘Rack City,’ it doesn’t even matter,” he said. “I’m only doing this to sit with the gods. There’s no other way I see it for myself.”

Do you think that Tyga is one of the top tier rap artists in 2015?

He needs to sit down
Tyga needs a reality check. It's bad enough when Kanye says this but at least he's been in the game a long time and earned respect. Tyga also sounds like he's simply doing this for fame and not to make music simply for the love of music. His fan base is probably primarily teens to early twenties. Which say something about his topic and subject choices for music.
@christianmordi I can't even pick a favorite 😂😂 certain songs each of them go off lol. I like when Crooked or Royce goes off especially in this song asylum
@lavonyork I agree, Tyga isn't in my top ten right now at all, probably not even top 20. I am a fan of Slaughterhouse as well. Joe Buddens is the truth!
Tyga does not make my top ten of "current" rappers. Slaughter house on their own take up most of the spots 😂😂
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