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we all know these babes are cute funny and silly but I was doing some googling and found a fan work of them with girlfriends and it was to accurate for me not to share!
WHICH DO YOU PICK? I can so see all of them doing this !! what do you think ? honestly I don't know if i would be able to pick just one
I would be sleeping with suga haha
If would be hard to pick just ONE.. I mean, these dorks can be a bunch of goofballs, but let's be real.. They ALL have a big and kind heart.. They all have amazing personalities in their own individual ways.. They would be amazing boyfriends.. ❤️❤️ The person who finds a boyfriend with all of these seven personalities will definitely hit the jackpot..
Suga. because I love my sleep
I like all of them! I like Suga's Jungkook's and J-Hope's the most ^^
@AnnaArai I completely agree with you. I can't just choose one, I have to choose all of them 😂
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