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Vernon- Not So Delicate.

Dedicated to @jiminsjamseu (on Wattpad)
-What's up? Is you busy? I know you're not because you has no life! Anyhoos!!! Wanna hang today?- I received that message from Vernon at 6 this afternoon. -What makes you think I have no life? Just because I hang with you doesn't mean I have no life. And language. Don't you know how to speak properly?- I texted back. This guy. But I couldn't help but smile. I love him. He's my best friend. We have been friends ever since the beginning of time....or at least the beginning of first grade. We seem to get closer every time we hang out...which is everyday.....maybe I don't have a life. Anyway, tomorrow is Christmas and my parents had to go to a Christmas party for their company. I absolutely DID NOT want to go. There is this kid who is extremely annoying who is one of the my mother's friends son and he wouldn't leave me alone. I seriously think he has a crush on me. But I shot him down....well, at least I think so. A broken nose should be evidence that I didn't like him back. -You're dodging my actual question! And hush up!! I talk good! I be spitting bars on a daily, honey! I KNOW HOW TO TALK! Back to the question, you wanna hang? I heard your folks are gone to a party. Maybe we could.....I don't know. Netflix and chill?!? *wink emoji*- This kid!! -Yah! HanSol Vernon Chwe!!! What did I tell you about that? Never say that around me- I felt my face get red..okay, I may have a crush on my best friend....fight me about it!! -Lol!! Whatever. Hanny!! Wanna hang or nah?!?- I decide to give in and answer him. -Yeah. Sure. Come on down.- I send the message. Almost immediately, my doorbell rings. I stand up and pad to the door. I open the door to see a smiling Vernon standing at the door. "Hello, hello." He says. "Hello, hello. Tell me what ya want right now!" I sing. "Hello, hello, hello, hello. Imma give it to you girl, right now!" He joins. "Right now!"I muse in the background. We stop singing and laugh our butts off. Yes..this is the kind of relationship we have. It may seem strange (or awesome) but yeah. "Hey, Hanbyeol. Whats up?" He asks, after he walks in and closes the door. "Maybe the snow that hasn't fallen yet." I say, looking out the window at the snow covered street outside. "Really? That's the best you could come up with?" He smirks. I laugh at his annoyance. "Anyway, were you waiting out there this entire time?" I asked. "Well....yeah...." He smiled and ran over to the sofa; flopping onto it. "YAH!! What did I tell you about this? No jumping on the couch." I pushed his legs off the couch so I could sit. "Ow! That hurt!" He pokes my hip. I gasp and poke him back. He gets an evil glint in his eyes. I shake my head. "Don't even think about it!" I grab a pillow as a shield. He starts to poke my waist with his index fingers. I laugh hysterically. He knows I am really ticklish. "Please stop!" I yell, trying to stop him. "Say you're sorry!" He comands. "I'm sorry. JUST PLEASE!! STOP!!" I say in between laughs. He finally stops, leaning over me. I try to calm down. " was that so hard." He smiles, getting up. "Whatever, Chwe." I say, getting up too. I walk to the kitchen. He follows me. VERNON'S POV: I followed Hanbyeol as she walked into the kitchen. "Can we have hot cocoa?" I asked. "Sure. Why not? I'm sure my mom went grocery shopping before she left." I watched as she went to the cabinet. she opened the door and looked for the box of cocoa. "WE STRUCK COCOA!!" She yelled, pulling out the box. I laughed at her goofiness! She is so cute sometimes. She grabbed two mugs and pours the cocoa into them. I sit on the counter and take a cookie from the plate of Christmas cookies. I bite it when she places a kettle full of water on the stove. "Vernon! What are you doing?" I hear her yell. I look at her. "Wha~?" I ask, my mouth full. "Who said you could eat the Christmas cookies? Those are for Santa!!" She yelled, grabbing the plate as I reach for another. "I dont think Saint Nick will mind much. he has every kid in the world making him cookies." I say, still chewing. "See. This is why you're on the naughty list." She quips. I gasp, feigning offense. "How dare you? I am not naughty!" I say. She gives me a 'Boy!' look. "Maybe a little." I give in. "More than a little." She mutters. "What did you say?" I threatened. "I said the water is ready." She says taking the water off the stove. She pours the water into both of the cups. I take mine and stir it with her spoon. " Hey, that was mine!" She laughs, trying to take it back. "It's mine now." I sip my cocoa. "Dude!" She shouts, getting another. I walk into the living room and sit on the couch. I get the remote and turn the T.V. on. I go to Netflix and feel the couch dip slightly next to me. I look over to see Hanbyeol staring intently at the T.V. "We must watch Home Alone. Its our duty as lovers of Christmas." She sips her cocoa. "We must!" I declare, pressing OK on Home Alone- Lost In New York. We watch the movie, drinking our hot cocoa. She ordered pizza and we pigged out as we watched another movie. This time it was The Nightmare Before Christmas. She loved this movie. I looked over and saw how bright her face glowed. I smiled to myself and looked back at the T.V. screen. She snuggled closer into my arm and placed her head on my shoulder. I gasped to myself and looked at her. She was smiling and watching the movie. I blush and wrap my arm around her. I continue watching the movie. Until I dozed off. I wake up to a bright blue screen. The movie must have went off. I try to sit up but I remember Hanbyeol is lying on me. I look at her and smile. I look at the clock. 10:24 pm. Shouldn't Hanbyeol's parents be back? A few minutes later, the house phone rings. I grabbed it from the side table quickly; hoping not to wake up Hanbyeol. "Hello. This is the Yun residence." I said, calmly. "Oh. Hello, Hansol." I hear Hanbyeol's dad say on the other side. "Hello, Mr. Yun. Is everything okay?" I asked sitting up slightly; still holding Hanbyeol in my arms. "We wanted to call to make sure Hanbyeol was okay. I can tell she is now that I know you're there." He says. I felt my face heat up. "Thank you, Mr. Yun. We are fine." I look at her as I said that. "Great! I also wanted to tell you. We won't be able to make it back home tonight. The snow has gotten so bad that they aren't letting anyone out on the roads tonight. I would like to ask if you can stay with her for the night?" He asked. "Of course I would, Mr. Yun. You can count on me." I assure him. "I knew I could. And son?" He asks. "Yes, sir?" "No funny business. I might like you but not enough to let you do anything with my daughter. You got that?" He says. I gulp. "Of course. I would never think of doing anything with Hanbyeol." "Good. You two have a good night. And Merry Christmas." He muses. "Likeswise, sir, likewise." I say. He hangs up and I do the same. I sigh and put the phone back on its charger. Hanbyeol's dad, that man scares me. "Who was that?" I hear Hanbyeol's drowsy voice. I look down to see her rubbing her eyes. "It was your dad." I tell her. She stops rubbing her eyes. "What did he say? He didn't threaten your life, did he?" She asks. "He kinda did. But he actually called to tell you they can't leave the party because of weather trouble. The storm has gotten worse." I point outside to see snowing plummeting down. "Bummer." She mutters. "Yeah. Anyway, what do you want to do now?" I ask. "Sleep." She snuggles into my chest and closes her eyes. "Oh. Okay." I wrap my arms around her and close my eyes too; yawning. "Vernon..." I hear her say. "Mmhmm?" I keep my eyes closed. "Can I give you something?" I open my eyes and she kneels in front of me. YOUR POV: I look up at Vernon's face. He looked tired. "What is it?" He asked. "Just a minute." I jump up and run over to the tree. I pull out a box and run back to the couch. I sit on my knees and hand it to him. "'s not Christmas yet." He holds the box. "But it is Christmas Eve. Christmas is in like two hours. Just open it already." I yawn. He shrugs and starts opening it. He gasp when he sees what is inside. "A new pair of headphones? How did you know I wanted these?" He asks, holding them. "How couldn't I notice how you stared at them everytime we were at the mall?" I laugh. He laughs too. "Well...if we are opening gifts, I have one for you." He stands up and walks over to his jacket. He reaches in the pocket and pulls out a small box. He walks back and sits in front of me. He hands me the small box. I take it and unravel the bow on top. "Oh my gosh...this is beautiful!" I pull out the delicate necklace. "I saw it on display and thought of you. Because you are the exact opposite. You aren't delicate at all. I'm pretty sure you can kick my butt." He laughs. I laugh too and unclasp the necklace. "Can you help me?" I ask, turning around. He grabs the necklace and places it on my neck, softy clasping it back together. I play with the little heart on the necklace. "Thanks Vernon." I smile. "No prob, Bob." He replies. "Merry Christmas." "Merry Christmas." I said back, watching as the Christmas tree lights shone on his face. It is dark outside and the only light we have is from the T.V., the tree and the light filtering in through the open window from the decorations outside. I glance down at his lips and back up at his eyes. He smiles slightly and leans in, hesitating only for a second. I lean in too and our lips meet softly. We kiss each other slowly. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him. I grab his shirt. We pull apart when we both needed air. I exhaled sharply and he opened his eyes. "I have wanted to do that for a while now." He mutters. "What if I said I did too?" I question, smiling. "I would say......actually, I don't know what I would say." He laughs. We laugh together. It dies down and I see him looking down at me; lovingly. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asks. "That would be the best gift ever." I poke his nose. He shakes his head and laughs. I think it's safe to say this was the best Christmas Eve ever!
(Okay, that was waay too long!! I got carried away. It was fun to write. I hope you liked it. That's how ImaginePresents are gonna work. I hope you request soon.)
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