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Cam'ron has always been acknowledged as a great rapper, but one of his talents that go under the radar is his acting ability.
Every time you put Cam in front of the lens he does a great job. The Harlem native is funny and cool. Today, Cam'ron made an appearance on the Larry Wilmore show to play the role of "Santa" on the Nightly Show.
Killa made an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Nigthly Show With Larry Wilmore for the second time this season for another hilarious, no-hold barred skit.
As comedians and writers ask “Santa Cam” for items like hoverboards, cordless drills and the proverbial “World Peace,” Cam delivers verbal bitch slaps, and in true Harlem fashion, tries to sell them some of his bootleg DVDs instead.
Has there been a funnier Santa skit this holiday season?
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so perfect 👌👌👌👌😂😂😂
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Cam needs his own show
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