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I'm Tori and I'm 19 years young. I'm in college and plan to transfer to a University to study abroad. I'm Japanese, and I am a Libra.
DREAM GUY: Min YoonGi♡♡♡♡♡ Everything and I mean everything about him I love. By everything I mean his amazing talents, his amazing personality, even his imperfections because to me they are perfect ^-^.
STATUS : Single AF!!!
ROMANTIC MOMENT : I have never had one because all the guys in high school never told me they liked me because they thought I would reject them. So no romantic moments yet..... sadly....
IDEAL TYPE: First off, I would like to point out that everyone has to have some kind of physical attraction to the person you like. It could be there smile, eyes, lips, hair, something. So yes look will always matter no matter what. MY IDEAL TYPE: Tall (5'8 and taller), Handsome, Dorky, Nice smile, Someone who can make me laugh, Loves Music no matter the genre, Like to stay in and watch movie and hang out but who is also spontaneous and will take me on random trip to the beach or festival, Smart, Caring, will be there for me, geeky and nerd (optional), Asian (to make my mom happy but I also prefer Asians), and just someone I can talk about anything with someone I can stay up woth for hours talk about anything.