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Secretly thinking "What a fall from grace" they believe I've lost my place here / never really had one so gonna give myself those three cheers / and couple of pats on the back because I've made it this far / playing in this game of life at times it feels like I'm at war. Breaking out the instruments since I've figured it is rhyme time / focus on creativity and right now it is a prime time to get lost in my thoughts leaving behind the things I bought with the past year / what I didn't purchase was the fear. It was instilled in me knowledge of my surroundings was the key / this culture taught me to fear it if it was different than me / shrouded by these thunder clouds the light is hard to see / my physical being will prevail just after I take my stroll through hell, when hell got its hottest it had just begun to hail / now I am just freezing can't feel nothing but my pinky and i can't afford the therapy my insurance is "rinky dinky". They can't believe that what I say is truth but I still speak it / I gotta set some goals I know eventually I will reach it / not preaching like the deacon I'm just trying to be that beacon of light in spite of all the bullshit I am seein'. Through the essence of my being and a heart that holds the soul / chanting mantras to myself knowing soon I'll break the mold and create some new patterns compliment my style and I'll be flattered / though some of them are hating won't be discouraged by that banter / I know those words are hollow like an empty can of Planters / people say I'm nuts, no ifs or buts about that matter. No matter will define my destiny / I've been standing at the door but I've yet to turn the key / it's just another obstacle in actuality / please hold your objections and forever keep the peace. Stay praying, not to Jesus Christ but to myself which holds the universe and the light and all the wealth and poverty some can't escape the strife / not too mention the planets and the stars travel rocky roads as if on Mars it's been really complicated I've condensed it in some bars / can't make much sense of it only thing I know is not to quit / writing while mosquitos pierce my skin and take a sip / but I let them be every being has to eat they are free to drink from this bloody river of prosperity.
🔥Really good👌
Whoa. The rhythm in the piece just rolls so beautifully as you read it. I can only imagine how good it sounds out loud. Do you ever record this stuff?
beautiful words
No,I just write it. thank you @AlloBaber @kpoplovee