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People have been biting the style of Kid Cudi for awhile now, and the artist has decided to finally speak on the matter.
“Gotta watch these lil rappin’ ass n—as. Thats why I don’t fuck with nobody. N—as wanna wear your skin,” Kid Cudi wrote.
Kid Cudi continued to voice his frustration while asserting that no one could match his original voice.
“My skin is my skin. My sound is my sound. Aint nobody doing it better than me. Pass it on. Needed to address this madness. Cause I explore other musical realms everyone wanna act like I aint show these niggas the path. Like I always say, they can have the recipe but they can’t cook it like this.”
It's been eight years since "Day N' Nite" was released, but it still has a current sound.

Does Cudi have a point? Are new musicians biting his sound and not giving him credit?