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DON'T KILL ME but I've never seen Toradora! After reading this @JeffPalmer 's recommendation card and @Alletaire 's card about his favorite scene (ok I didn't read that one bc spoilers but I WANT TO READ IT SO BAD), I thought it's time I do a preview of the first episode!!

Thoughts Before Starting

I don't know much. I know it's full of feels and cute, and there's some romance, but I dont' even know what genre it technically is. (Just looked it up, its comedy/romance. Nice!!!) But I'm excited to start it because everyone's review of it is stellar!

Anime Details

Title: Toradora!
Japanese Title: とらドラ!
Episodes: 25
Genre: comedy, romance, slide of life

Initial Impressions

I liked the opening - there was a lot of nice foreshadowing, and the line about "things that are hard to get being even more special" was really touching. On to Ryuji! I like him, he seems really caring, but it's kind of sad because I can already tell that he seems like the type that's having to grow up too quickly because of his family. Or maybe I'm reading too far into things already lol. Anyways, I also like his "scary" eyes XD
As for Taiga....well! She sure is energetic? Hahaha. I think she doesn't know much about how to interact with people, other than scaring them into submission. But she's clearly very sweet, too, and we get a lot of foreshadowing of potential changes that may come to her personality.
There were a lot of fun parts in this episode that actually made me L O L, but I pretty much lost it when I realized he agreed to be her dog and wasn't thinking much of it, but I already KNEW she'd take it seriously!! But he kind of acted like her pet without her even asking him to do anything, which was cute in a way, and just shows the kind of person he is, even is most people at his school can't recognize that kindness.
I'm liking where this all seem to be headed!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 8
Animation: 7
Sound design: 7
Storyboard: 7
World/setting: 6
Character designs: 7
OP + ED: 8
Entertainment: 7
Voice acting: 7

Am I Going to Continue?

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I just don't know when (guilty face, but I have so many things I'm trying to watch right now).

Who else has watched / is going to watch this? Role call!!!

@hikaymm I expect reports trooper.
@hikaymm DONT LOOK AT @tiffanyboylorn 's COMMENT. IMMENSE SPOILER FOR THIGS YOU MAY HAVE GUESSED. PLEASE SOARE YOURSELF. also I give this anime a fair 15/10 so you better enjoy it just as much 😂
its such a great anime, I absolutely loved it, you should watch it
@hikaymm yesss finally! Haha
@Kirik no probs!! Let me know what you think. I'm gonna continue it this week :)
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