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Kobe Bryant is retiring at the end of the season. As a result, everyone is asking Kobe to reflect on his career, which has led to countless exclusive game details from the black mamba.
In a conference call on Monday, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant named his top 5 opposing players and teams, adding that it was difficult not to pick more, via ESPN's Baxter Holmes.

1-Clyde Drexler

2-Hakeem Olajuwon

3-Kevin Durant

4-Lebron James

5-Micheal Jordan

Who do you think was the toughest opponent that Kobe ever faced?

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prob Jordan even though Jordan was at the twilight of his career
2 years ago·Reply
Wait....he put LBJ before Jordan?
2 years ago·Reply
His real toughest opponent was himself, both on and off the court. Scaring away free agents, blaming failures on teammates, and refusing to accept his own imperfections.
2 years ago·Reply