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it's very rare for me to spazz out over girl groups but here are my 3 favorite girl groups of 2015
3. Red Velvet I didn't really care for Red Velvet (don't kill me lol) but once I heard Dumb Dumb I fell in loooove!
2. 4Minute I've always liked 4Minute but I wasn't really a fan of theirs until they released Crazy this year! HyunA & Jihyun are just yaas lol I'm ready for 4minute comeback!
1. Sistar it's hard to pick a bias in Sistar cause they are all just queens! "The Queens of Summer Hits" as I call them released Shake It this summer and just slayed me I didn't think they could top Touch my Body but they did it lol (I know the whole
yesssi love all of them on ur list!!