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*sigh* This card is not a happy one it's actually a sad one. We lost a Starlight baby yesterday I personally didn't know her but we got close the past few weeks. she even considered me like a sister.
She lived and breathed VIXX! She loved this 6 sexy talented men. In the end Ken and Ravi were her favorite. I met my dear Melissa aka Melivixx on the Vixx fandom app. She had so much love for the Starlight Babies there. She always knew how to make us laugh and cheer us on when life got tough. On the app we have become closer due to her passing. People who haven't been on in forever have been coming back and making new friends. New members are showing up everyday as well
Melissa told me Sun night that she had been rushed to the hospital due to chest pains. She even told me that she doesn't share personal things like that with just anyone. When she finally was alone that night we started making jokes and laughing back and forth. I guess she fell asleep finally so I did too. When I woke up Mon morning she was awake too still laughing and making jokes. This went on for about 3 hours. She stopped talking to me all of a sudden and I didn't think much of it. I figured family came or she's resting.
Well when I got off someone posted she wasn't going to be on anymore. I was hoping for the best when I messaged them what happened. She couldn't really tell me what was wrong. An hour after I found this news out a family member of Melissa's had told me that she had to have surgery but she didn't make it. My heart sunk.
I couldn't believe she was really gone. I cried for an hour before I finally drove home. She was my thing I looked forward to everyday I've been crying enough to fill a pond. I'm still very sad about it and I miss her so much. she's in every thought lately.
Melissa my Starlight Baby you're cutie instigator misses you lots!! I've been going around everywhere sharing you to other Starlights to help you shine a little brighter. I know you are watching over all of us crazy Starlights and wishing you had just a little more time with us. I'm so grateful I had you in my life even tho it was so short. I'm sorry we won't be seeing each other at a Vixx concert screaming about our Ken and scaring other Starlights haha. When I've been listening to Vixx knowing your gone it's different but they still help me through my day. Vixx is special like that. I wish we had a little bit more time together or at least I wish I could have gotten a goodbye. I know you don't want us to be sad anymore but the app is quiet without your witty comments. You always knew we'd miss you though. You always had that right haha. You'll always be remembered and loved by me. Like I said I promise to post Ravi and Ken everyday just for you. Just keep working your magic for me so I can get my Ken Ken ❤❤I love you Starlight! Keep shining that beautiful light of yours!! ❤❤❤
Melissa you will forever be my light! Watch over these 6 sexy talented men and watch over us Starlights. Keep encouraging us and make us smile and be happy. You will be missed. I love you Melissa forever and ever! Once a Starlight always a Starlight!! ❤❤ If any of you want to please pass this on to other Starlights... She needs our help to shine!!
thank you to everyone reading this. it's knowing there are still wonderful people in the world
I'm doing what I'd do for any starlight!
Thank you so much! we definitely love her and the fandom app is filled with it for her 😋😊
I'm so sorry for your loss. 😢😢 I didn't know her but from the stuff you said she seemed like a wonderful person and I'm sorry I never got to talk to her. May she rest in peace. 💙💙
thanks. I try to make this horrible world just a little better
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