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Yoongi kept away from you as best he could. He pretended like nothing was wrong in his life. But he found himself missing your scent in the mornings. The way you fell asleep as you waited for him to come home. The food that you always left for him to eat. The feeling of that baby, his baby, every time he touched your belly in the mornings. He didn’t realize how much he loved it, needed it, until it was gone. Once again promotions had been pushed because of Yoongi, and all he could see was comment after comment sympathizing over the potential loss of a loved one. Yoongi felt so guilty for betraying his fans, for betraying you. He had hurt you more than he had realized, and here he was too ashamed to show his face. He decided to stop wallowing in self-pity, and left for the hospital. Back in the room that held your precious being, he couldn’t help but feel at home. Despite not having been home to put on new perfume, you still smelled like you always did. Your enlarged belly was creating a big hump in the sheets that covered you. He could almost pretend like this is normal, but the tubes were tough to get past.
“Excuse me sir? We need to take Miss Y/N here for a sonogram.” The nurse scooted her way over to your cot, and Yoongi sprang up to stop her movements. “I’m her husband, I want to see.” The nurse pursed her lips for a moment before nodding and continuing to push the small machine forwards. “Alright. Take a seat.” She murmured and Yoongi took his place. She lifted your hospital gown, placing copious amounts of a translucent blue gel on your puffed belly. The rounded plastic sensor was next to touch your skin, and the monitor hooked to the machine flashed to life. A small grainy black and white image began to emerge, and Yoongi just stared slack jawed. “That’s your baby boy.” The nurse said with a small smile. Boy? Yoongi had always wanted a boy. He let out an airy laugh, and began to smile. A baby boy. His baby boy. A little Min Yoongi. “Want to hear the heartbeat?” Yoongi nodded feverously at this, and the nurse flipped a small switch. The monitor began to emit a small beating sound, and Yoongi was taken aback yet once again. This boy was alive. A beating life that he was responsible for. How could he have been so careless? Yoongi’s eyes began to well as he realized just how stupid he had been.
“Is he going to be okay?” The nurse nodded. “Yeah. He’s going to be just fine. And so will she. She has already woken up once, so it’s only a matter of time before we can remove the tubes.” Yoongi nodded and rubbed his now clammy palms dry on his jeans. “Good, good.” He muttered, and the nurse went to pull the machine away. Yoongi reached up, and the nurse turned back surprise. “Sorry, sorry. Can you, please? Just a little longer.” Yoongi stammered and the nurse cracked a smile. “Sure thing.” The machine was pressed right back on your belly and the sweet sound of his heartbeat filled Yoongi’s ears again. “Thank you.”
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thats right yoongi father my child T^T
awe he needs to tell her how he feels
he finally realizes how much he needed her 😍 good!
@NasiaWright nae he's the cutest thing ever!
@DestinaByrd aww lol for real
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