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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve for my time zone and I've been scratching my head all week to think of what to do. Since I'll be celebrating Christmas Day with my husband's family. I thought it'll be nice I plan something on Christmas Eve before the whole family gathering thing.
As you know I like to keep things simple. I didn't even have time to decorate the house for the holiday. So, if you're in need of a low-maintenance guide to spending holiday with your boo, I'm there with you!

1. Last-Minute Decorations

There's no time left to head to Ikea or the department store to purchase a christmas tree and set it up. Instead, decorate your place with little details.
Head to a discount store or consignment store to look for items like: + Pine cones + gold/silver round bowl + A faux pot of Poinsettia + Mini christmas tree + Washi tape
How to Decorate:
+ Simply spread the little decor out and place it on top of shelves or coffee table. + Make Christmas tree on the wall with washi tape.

2. Heartfelt Breakfast

If you have the time to eat breakfast together on Christmas eve, do it. In my opinion, breakfast is the most romantic meal of the day. I'm talking about breakfast in bed. :)
Menu Ideas: + Sunny-up eggs / butter toast / fruits /choice of beverage
+ Waffle / scramble eggs / fruits / choice of beverage
+ Pancakes / hash-brown / scramble eggs / choice of beverage
+ French toast / fruit or yogurt parfait / meat / choice of beverage

3. Talk a Stroll Outside

Instead of going to crowded places, try promenading around the neighborhood. I pretty much prefer daytime christmas street decor because the scenery just looks so much better.
Things to do outdoor:
+ Count how many holiday decors are up + Throw snow at one another (if there are any) + Stop by a cute coffee shop or antique shop + Listen to Christmas carols + Go window shopping + Take outdoor pictures

4. Bake Some Cookies

I know this sounds old school but I think it's a cute couple activity. Things to do while baking: + Sing-a-long to christmas songs+ Show-off your silly dance moves + Molding contest (see who makes the best star-shaped cookies...etc)

5. Homemade Dinner

Go to the grocery store, grab some ingredients and make dinner together. It's better than eating out at a restaurant and be disturbed by the slow service and loud background noise.
Setup and everything is up to you guys. I would suggest putting on some christmas music!

6. Evening Activity

Before you let the food coma hit you, consider the following living room games: + Watch a movie together + Play board games+ Complete a puzzle + Make hot chocolate + Take pictures