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1. Selfie So i'm 14 and i was born in Seoul, Korea but i currently live in Dallas TX. Sorry if this is late
2. Dream Crush My dream crush is Woozi from SEVENTEEN. I mean just look at him! He's so adorable yet so mature. He sure is a pink prodigy.
3. Current Status Come on i'm only 14! Maybe it's because of my asian parents but study and college comes first! And besides... no guy can ever be compared with kpop idols...
4. Most Romantic Memory When i dream of my oppas.. ❤❤
5. My Ideal Partner He should be able to make me laugh, and also be adorable. His personality should be serious yet playful. You know what they say... opposites attract. ❤❤
I'm just going to tag everyone who's reading this >.<
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@reyestiny93 I never told you before?
@LovelyHana17 nae kamsa it's pretty cool though
So much Seventeen! I love the gif of DK pushing Woozi. So precious. Also yay Dallas! I grew up there.
@DestinaByrd nope I didn't knew until now
@reyestiny93 oh well haha I felt like I said it before but Yup I am